06 May

This week on the #Wednesdaywellbeing show I'm chatting with Rob Aungier an independent Gestalt Psychotherapist. 

Rob has helped set up an online Institute called The Complex Trauma Institute where he runs various online learning groups, the occasional webinar and some training too. 

Qualified in Gestalt and also Somatic Developmental Psychotherapy – based in New York, he also holds various diplomas around Embodied Relational ways of working. 

Rob found that connecting at a bodily level worked for him when healing his trauma and he sees great results with his clients too. 

Before Gestalt training – in 2002 he worked at various jobs which all seemed to relate to trauma, notably working with acquired brain injury for ten years. 

Rob also Studied natural science at University later in life (36) and did Analytical chemistry for five years he discovered an analytical side to himself that he didn’t know existed but he says he never felt like a real scientist. 

After many years of living with trauma himself, he sought help and therapy as he felt pretty damaged.  

He struggled to find useful help and understanding from any of the available resources provided until one day when he told his Doctor that he was suicidal and his Doctor sent him to see a Gestalt therapist. 

This Gestalt therapist was pivotal for his awareness of what happened to him and years of peeling away the layers of the onion followed – and still continue.

 When he felt he had come to a good point in his personal therapy and understanding he trained in Gestalt therapy. 

Further understanding led him to investigate embodiment and embodied work and the connection between one lived body and another which, If paid attention to, can lead to profound healing. 

In this weeks show we address Trauma, PTSD, complex trauma and the developments in therapy, Gestalt and Embodied therapy work. 


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