My name is Amanda Joy I am based in The North East of England. I am delighted to welcome you to my website. Please allow me to share with you a little about how working with me may help you.  

Hypnotherapy gets to the root of the problem whilst you are feeling very relaxed and helps you to overcome fears phobias, challenges and move you forward to become the person you feel you should be or the person you really want to be.

I am a weight management consultant. I help people to address and overcome food addictions, reconnect with food in a positive way and reduce or increase their body shape and size. I also offer the Hypnotic Gastric Band.

I help people to feel deeply relaxed and in control, build their confidence, self-esteem, motivation, set objectives and give them clarity and perspective in their lives.

I am always happy to answer questions;
you’ll never know how I can help till you ask.

All first sessions with me includes a free health and wellbeing consultation to enable me to offer you bespoke online sessions. I welcome questions and I am available to speak to you in person, online, or by phone.
Working with me usually involves an assessment of your needs and requirements and I have a range of skills and techniques I can incorporate that will bring about a sense of deep relaxation.

As an experienced clinical hypnotherapist, I’ve helped many people reach their goals, overcome fears, and let go of unwanted thoughts and behaviours.
Personal development, Hypnotherapy, and Meditation have been part of my own personal journey and as a therapist, I empower my clients by giving them the skills and tools they need to move forward in their lives. I also offer EFT and IEMT you can read more about these amazing healing modalities in my blog.

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