Joy in Birthing Hypnobirthing

Self-hypnosis and deep relaxation are very effective tools.  These powerful tools and skills can be learned in a group or one to one. They can be learned gradually in stages and practiced in between sessions. One to one sessions ensures that you have the time to develop the conditioned responses that make Hypnobirthing so successful. My one to one course runs over 3 to 5 sessions and covers all of the Joy in Birthing Modules.  This course also allows the time to explore your feelings, relax just you and your partner, resolve and release any anxieties that may arise. I like to work with you personally and to follow your progress so that I can ensure that you are fully ready, relaxed and confident as you approach the birth of your baby.

Parents, midwives, and doctors are constantly amazed by the wonderful births experienced through Hypnobirthing and with Joy in Birthing one to one sessions you will be fully prepared for your beautiful birth. 

Perhaps you have left it a little too late to attend a hypnobirthing course or maybe you have done hypnobirthing before and just require a refresher, or you feel confident a personalised session will be perfect for you.
Prepare for a calm birth is a wonderful session and also make a great gift for any mum to be.
How much time have you spent focusing on your pregnancy and the birth of your baby?
Perhaps you are thinking, “Well birth has to happen, I’ll try not to think about it and hope for the best when the time comes”? Reality check…
You are bringing a new life into the world! These are the most important days of your life and your baby deserves a safe and positive development & welcome into the world!
Preparing mentally and physically is essential for a good pregnancy and childbirth. Take some time out to think about how you can best nurture your baby, how to get yourself ready for childbirth. Where will you feel comfortable and cared for?
The calm birth preparation session is tailored to your particular needs. Pregnancy and of course birth is a very special time and one to be enjoyed and celebrated.
You may wish to come for a couple of hours during which you learn breathing techniques, release your fears (conscious or subconscious) through deep relaxation and then indulge yourself in a Full Body Hydrotherm Pregnancy Massage or Reflexology treatment. I am happy to show you some points on your feet which can help kick start birthing (if you are post due date) and keep it flowing. Perhaps you’d like to chat about the birth process and enjoy a visualisation of this in order to encourage a positive and confident mindset. Whatever you require if your time is limited we’ll chat on the phone to assess your needs and requirements and I can tailor make this package to best suit you.