Eazzy Slim

Hypno-synergy and Eazzy Slim weight management Hypnotherapy doesn't provide a quick fix! This programme is for long-term results. Sessions aren't a magic wand they support progressive healthy changes. No enforced horrible eating regimes, I empower my clients to choose.

Together we rid the negative habits and behaviours. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy helps to empower you to eat less or more. Our aim is to work together to create a bespoke package that brings balance to your lifestyle and permanent, sustainable change. The Hypnotherapy sessions build your self-esteem and confidence.  We restore a healthy relationship with food and drink. Sessions will connect you to your true beauty boost your confidence and help you to feel great.

The programme gives you the drive and motivation you need to exercise more and bring balance back to your lifestyle.

Hypnotherapy in combination with weight management counselling and mindset change enables realistic objectives to be put in place and clients generally reduce or gain 1 to 2 kilos a week. 

All my Synergy packages come with free nutritional support and I can add on a range of powerful tools that eliminate cravings, provide a Hypnotic gastric band or tummy tuck.

I offer 4 to 6 sessions, nutritional support and counselling.

4 sessions, or my basic package includes 3 Free audios. 1 Reinforcing Audio for the morning, 1 for the evening and The Mind Gym.  Audios reinforce the work done in the sessions and they also motivate you to move and exercise more.  

I also record the 4 personalised hypnotherapy sessions and provide them for free too, 8 audios in total.

Sessions include a free four-week gut microbiome nutritional reset, what I call Hypno-synergy.