07 Jul

Lockdown has given many of us time to reflect on our lives and our careers.

Many of us have been unable to work remotely and some of us have lost our jobs altogether.

Many of my colleagues and friends who work in the care industry or therapy world are really thinking about how our post lockdown lives will be.

Many of my friends, family members and clients have been able to work from home. Many have no desire to go back to their pre lockdown lives.

Perhaps you’ve been unable to work or lost your job and you’re looking for a more rewarding, meaningful career, something that gives you the life you desire.

The other day I was chatting with a friend who has just loved spending more time with her family, her children and her husband.

She shared with me that she was feeling stuck. She longed to do something that continued to give her more time, doing the things she loves, but needed to feel that whatever she chose also brought stablity and security for herself and her family.

In times like these, if change is going to happen, it needs to bring with it a good income. It needs to be crisis proof, family friendly and elivate your life.

We want to thrive not just survive.

Clinical hypnotherapy has been transformational for me, in my work, career and my personal development. It's been transformational in my lifestlye and my bank account too.

All this while loving such rewarding work and most importantly, helping others too.

I'm so grateful I trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy as I've been able to work remotely, supporting many who have been are alone or struggling throughout the pandemic. I love working in person but have seen outstanding results during lockdown and via working online, this job is crisis proof.

We now have training centres across the North of England and our training is also available online.

I'm really excited as I've a fantastic team of amazing experienced therapists who are joining me in training people to become outstanding Clinical Hypnotherapists.

The course is packed with techniques and gives trainees a good deal of knowledge about psychology, psychotherapy and neuroscience as well as the latest in NLP and Hypnotherapy tools and techniques.

The course includes business planning and marketing so that when students graduate they are ready to go! Our graduates feel really confident and have had loads of practice. Some of my current students have been working remotely during lockdown and have an established client base already.

Socially distanced in person training is beginning in September. Training centres are in Harrogate, Darlington, Hartlepool, Newcastle and online training is also available. Should we need to return to just online training we can do that too.

I have 10 places available in each location for the Foundation in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

The Foundation course is just £100 and gives students membership with The CMA, the ability to get insurance to practice, and offers the opportunity to see if Clinical Hypnotherapy is really for them.

If students love the Foundation Course they may be selected to go on and complete the full accredited Diploma training program.

I offer a pay as you go system for the Diploma training so that it's not a huge financial challenge for those who aren't earning or are on a low income.

Working as a therapist may be something you've never considered as you believed it would need years of expensive training.

You don’t need a doctorate or a degree to reach multiple people who need your help.

I'm continuously amazed at the results I see in my private practise and now I'm blessed to see my students having extraordinary results too.

I'm looking for caring compassionate people who want to help and support others.

At the NCCH we provide friendly, professional Clinical Hypnotherapy training, supervision and CPD.

We not only help you to become an outstanding therapist. We aim to support you to unleash your potential, a whole new world of freedom, meaning, and abundance.

Imagine the life you desire, then let us teach you the skills to powerfully help others whilst gaining a life you currently only dream of.

Welcome to my passion.

Amanda Joy

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